Cheese sauce for Joy

26 03 2014

Pasta is probably the number one food at our home. A long time favorite of mine, I must have tried hundreds of different pasta recipes over the years. The kids on the other hand always want to go for the pasta with tomato sauce: it’s their favorite and they love it. If we suggest a change, they will go for “salsa rosa”, which basically requires just adding some cream to the tomato. If we try really hard, they might go for a garlic cream sauce–but that’s about their limit.
It’s hard to argue with them. I too love the homemade tomato sauce. And why wouldn’t I, when they eat it so eagerly?  However, every now and then we do try something new and different.   For instance, the other day after I asked my eldest son to put the pot of water on the stove, I went to the computer in my office. On my desktop I have a folder full of recipes copied some years ago from uncle Archie’s CD.     The selected items had grabbed my attention for various reasons.    But I couldn’t remember exactly what I had copied, so I searched the collection using the term “pasta” and got three hits:  one was this recipe for cheese sauce. After a quick look to see if I had the ingredients, I announced to my family that tonight we would be trying something new!  And off to the kitchen I went….

cheese sauce-5015

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New recipes added to previous posts

21 03 2014

I just started adding the recipes to my previous posts. I’m very happy to be able to include the actual recipes so anyone can try them out. Those who are familiar with uncle Archie’s disc know that he wrote them in a special format he developed using tables to make things simple and straight forward. I am trying my best to describe the recipes the way they are in uncle Archie’s files. Given that some of the ingredients change from place to place or that I had to compromise using what I had in the kitchen there are some changes but I try my best to add them as comments and leave the original recipe intact.

My first post to be updated is for Granny Ethel’s drop scones so go and check it out. I will add the rest, one at a time, over the next few weeks- if you wish to be notified when they are published just subscribe to the blog.

Oh, and if you try any of the recipes please share your thoughts in the comments and feel free to share the links with others.

Happy cooking




Hot and Sour Szechuan Soup

20 03 2014

szechuan soup 4

The snow has started malting outside. Most likely it has something to do with the tilt of the earth and the days getting longer but at first I was sure it was because of the soup. Drinking the first bowl I felt the warmth spreading through my body, my mouth was so hot I felt every breath was spreading the heat all around. It’s just that kind of soup, once you eat it you feel like you could breathe fire.

Now, to put things in proportion, I should just say that I’m not one of those who eat raw chillies for fun. I like spicy food but I’m not addicted to the painful sensation of hot foods like some people I know. This soup is hot but it’s a nice kind of spicy many would appreciate, the kind that warms you up not the one that makes cry.

szechuan soup-4484

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Sajur Meat Curry

19 01 2014

This was just a random pick, chose it out of the list knowing I was going to make some meat for dinner. Looked through the ingredient list and discovered quite a few I was missing (some I had to google…) but one trip later to the Chinese super store and I was all set.
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Chocolate Cherry Kugelhopf

17 01 2014

A chocolaty cake, warm sweet red sauce… and a cherry on top , sounds perfect doesn’t it?

I was going to bake this chocolate cherry kugelhopf ages ago, I needed a recipe for a dessert and this one sounds delicious. but i didn’t, that day they were out of cherries at the store and I ended up making something else. Staying at the back of my mind all this time, I’m happy I finally had an opportunity to try this recipe out.
chocolate cherry kugelhopf-4114
The result looked amazing and it was quite easy too, It’s one of these great recipes where you mix everything up- straight forward and simple. Is this the best chocolate cake ever? I’m not sure and it might need some tweaking but in the end with the warm cherry sauce and some whipped cream on the side, it’s a very yummy treat.
chocolate cherry kugelhopf-4106


14 12 2010

In some way this is a historic post. partially because I meant to write it a long time ago but mostly because the pickles in the pictures are long gone by now. It’s quite ironic, since the idea of pickling is to preserve the vegetables for longer time but the better they come out the quicker they are eaten.


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Fillets with Greenbeans & Mustard sauce

31 08 2010

Long overdue, this is a recipe I made several weeks ago and never got around to writing up. It all started one day while I was doing some shopping. They had a special on fresh fish, and remembering I saw a recipe for fish fillets, I got some fresh green beans and headed home to look the recipe up. I think the reason this recipe caught my attention was the mustard. I love mustard, and the sauce on this fish was a great blend. The other reason was, visualizing the food in my mind, that it would look good in the pictures. But when I read the recipe I realized it was supposed to be baked in a pan covered with a mixture of bread crumbs. I was somewhat disappointed to miss out on all the colors and textures, so I set aside some for the pictures and put the rest in the pan.

In the end I think the fish is better this way. I like the dish to be simple and fresh; and baked with the bread crumbs and all, it’s a completely different story. It had a different taste and I guess it was just a little too much–too many stages in preparation, too many tastes in the plate–for my own liking.

So there you have it: a colorful and impressive dish to serve with a great sauce. Some might want to add the bread crumbs and baking; others might like it as is. Definitely worthwhile trying this one out.



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