Kugel Yerushalmi

13 03 2016

As winter rolls about the time is right for all those heavy slow cooking dishes that warm us on shabbat. My favorite of them all is the Jerusalem Kugel, the ultimate shabbeth dish. It is festive , rich in flavor and full of character.

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Indonesian Gado-Gado salad

29 04 2015

Gado Gado lineNot fresh and not quite cooked, with a lovely mixture of vegetables and topped with an unusual peanut sauce. This salad was a lovely diversion from our usual repertoire.  A fresh change with an exotic flare to it, it was received with great enthusiasm.AGMcooking-1996

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Oatmeal cookies

7 01 2015

oatmeal cookies line

Best recipe ever for the healthiest cookies in the world!


Well, I wouldn’t buy into the healthiest statement even so it’s “oatmeal”. Just like with granola bars a fresh cucumber is probably a healthier snack. But they are absolutely delicious and you can make them to taste just add what ever goodies you want in them. I’m not sure where we have this recipe from but we’ve been baking these at our house for many years now. It’s simple, quick, easy and always comes out excellent. Read the rest of this entry »

Great Expectations

15 10 2014

For those sunny moments, appearing every now and then, where we can still feel summer if we close our eyes. I would like to propose a toast to the lovely summer we had, to the wonderful holidays and for great things to come.

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Italian Peach and Almond pie

11 08 2014

We are back home now. Back to the sun and summer where I grew up. One of my fondest childhood memories from the summer is waking up before dawn to go picking with my classmates in the peach orchards. Every time I bite into a peach I feel the weight of the buckets heavy with fruit and the sensation of the wet branches brush against my feet. I can still smell the fresh cold early morning air and remember my search for the perfect peach. Every morning while picking I would look for that peach that would be the reddest and just the right size and feel very ripe. That peach never made it to the bucket, I would eat it immediately after picking it and no other peach ever tasted as good as those right off the tree.

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Chicken Livers & Pineapple

16 05 2014

Simple yet delicious, this recipe is great for those who love liver. You can serve it to start the meal or as an appetizer on toasted baguette slices but it will also be excellent as a main dish with rice or mashed potatoes. The chicken livers are grilled, then fried in a sweet pineapple sauce with a lovely hot tang from green chilli peppers. Simple in principle and simple to make, this is a great little recipe you should all try.

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Banana nut muffins

1 05 2014

Banana muffins are the ultimate answer to the catch 22 of grocery shopping.

Let me explain…. The catch 22 of grocery shopping refers to the age old question of how much to buy. You see, when you buy any item- cheese, bread, cucumbers, etc… – and buy a good quantity of it there will always be some left over that you’ll have to eventually throw away. So, the next time you go shopping you only get a small amount and within a day the kids finish it up and the refrigerator is all empty again. Well the kids like it so back to the store it is and this time let’s get more… well, you’re back where you started and some will be left untouched. With bananas this is especially true, every time I get a small bunch the kids will finish them as soon as I take them out of the shopping bag. The next day all I hear is “can I have a banana, I want to eat a banana, why don’t we have any bananas…”  But if I buy a bigger bunch, even if there is only one more, there they will be, two bananas left in the fruit bowl that no one wants to eat.

In come the banana muffins. As I was looking at those two lonely bananas I realized all I had to say was “who want’s to help me bake muffins?” and within minutes my younger son was already mixing them into the batter.

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